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December 02, 2021

90.0 - 94.0: Bug fixes

Start of Payroll and Balance (start)

We have improved the employee export that can be created from the user profile. The export now includes the start of payroll and the starting balance of the employee.

Auto clock out

The option to automatically clock out users after X hours if they use the browser-time clock, lead to wrong numbers in the calendar. The planned hours in the employee list took the maximum duration of a time tracking into account. We have fixed the display of planned hours in the calendar to ignore the currently running time.

Compensation in records

We found that some customers were struggling with the way the compensation works in the employee records. Therefore, we added an info icon in the edit window that provides examples on how to handle the compensation.

Shift breaks outside of time tracking

Previously, there was no warning if you edited a time in a way that the break was outside the actual time tracking. That could lead to several issues. We have included a warning now, and it is no longer possible to edit a time that way.

Recurrences in the past

We have fixed an issue where recurrences that were created for past weeks did not create the correct shifts for every week.

Password length

There is now a maximum password length of 72 characters. The minimum password length is still 8 characters.

Intervals in reports

The intervals you can choose for reports now change based on the period of the report.

  • Period is less than 7 days → interval can be 15 / 30 minutes
  • Period is less than or equal to month → interval can be hourly
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October 29, 2021

85.0 - 87.0: Bug fixes

Improved resource export (daily)

We have improved the resource export for the daily time frame. The first line now clearly names the time slots that are filled with employees. This way it is much clearer when the individual employees are assigned to shifts.

Availabilities in the resource view

We have unified the way that availabilities are displayed in the different calendar views.

"External IDs" for Tags

"External IDs" for tags were previously not visible in the Papershift interface and could only be changed via our API. To make it consistent with the external IDs of working areas, they can now be viewed in Papershift.

PDF roster export

We have decreased the white space at the top of the PDF roster export. Now you can fit a bigger calendar on a single page.

Resource export: optional page break for new calendar weeks

There is a new option for the resource export of the calendar. You can choose to add a page break after each calendar week. That way the export is easier to read.

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October 12, 2021

77.0 - 84.0: Bug fixes

Time tracking filters 

We have improved the time tracking filtering. Especially the option to show only entries "Without Tags". Choosing this filter will now only show a list of entries where no tag has been chosen.

Export of holiday entitlement on a cut-off

There was an issue with the export of the holiday entitlement if you had set a cut-off date. We have fixed the export, and it is now back to working as usual.

Add new shift and show only filtered Working areas

If you filter for a specific working area in the calendar, and you create a new shift, it now automatically chooses this working area for the new shift. If more than one working area is selected, it will choose the working area that is first in the alphabet.

Absences from colleagues in some calendar views

For some users there was an issue where employees couldn't see absences from all colleagues in certain calendar views. This has been resolved now.

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August 31, 2021

72.0 - 76.0: Bug fixes

Improvements to the user interface

We have made some small changes to improve the user interface in our product. If you click on the gear icon in he bottom-left, some options like the "Location overview" had a lighter color, which falsely made it look as if these options could not be clicked. We now use the same color for all the options to make it more clear.

We also changed the font color in the events calendar to be easier to read.


There was an issue with workflows that should trigger if an employee clocks in too late. In some cases, the workflow triggered an hour before the planned shift started. We have found the cause for this issue and were able to fix it.


We encountered some rare cases, where employees appeared twice in the resource export. There were also some inconsistencies in the time tracking export for deleted employees. Both cases have been solved and the export are working as expected.

Falsely showing: “These Functions are not available in your current Plan“

In the general data tab of the employee profile, there was an incorrect warning message that "These Functions are not available in your current Plan“. We have found and corrected the reason for this behavior.

Planned hours in calendar view and shift breaks

In some special cases, the planned hours next to the employee name in the calendar view showed an incorrect number. This only happened after some specific actions to the shifts. This behavior has now been fixed, so the planned hours in the calendar show the correct number of hours for the employee.

Updating a time tracking through the API

When updating a time tracking via our API, there was an issue that ignored the working area of the time tracking in the API request. Those updates are now working as intended.

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July 28, 2021

65.0 - 71.0: Bug fixes

Improvements for Spanish translation

We have continued improving the Spanish localized version of Papershift including the upload templates.

Events: absent employees are not available

Previously, employees with a confirmed absence where shown in the assignment window of events, although they weren't clickable. We changed the view, so now absent employees aren't shown in the same list as available employees. They will however be shown in a separate "Unavailable users" list.

Recurrences: wrong ending time / shifts are created twice

There were some issues with recurrences in the roster, specifically some shifts that were created twice and ending times being incorrect. Both those issues have been fixed.

Automatic assignments for month

We recently introduced the ability to use the automatic assignment feature in the monthly view as well. The message informing the user about the process however didn't consider this option. We have edited this message to fit all possible applications.

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July 21, 2021

57.0 - 64.0: Bug fixes

Availabilities in "Monthly view: Calendar"

The availabilities had previously only been shown for the first week of the month. With this update, we now show the availabilities for every day of the month.

Unconfirmed time tracking that can't be found

We fixed a bug that showed unconfirmed time trackings in the left navigation bar that could not be found in the time tracking index.

Archived employees

When editing a working area in the location settings, archived users were shown in the employee tab. This has been changed to only showing active and inactive employees in order to improve the overview.

Insights: Date range limitations

In order to ensure the performance of the reports, there is now a validation for the date range when creating a new one. Reports can only be created for a time range of3 years.

Delete future time trackings and assignments when removing user from company

Future time trackings and assignments are now deleting upon removing an employee from a company. This prevents unnecessary data in our database.

Workflow notification via email doesn't show username

The email notification for some workflow were missing the username of the affected employee. This only happened for email notifications, web notifications stated the username.

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