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October 12, 2021

77.0 - 84.0: Bug fixes

Time tracking filters 

We have improved the time tracking filtering. Especially the option to show only entries "Without Tags". Choosing this filter will now only show a list of entries where no tag has been chosen.

Export of holiday entitlement on a cut-off

There was an issue with the export of the holiday entitlement if you had set a cut-off date. We have fixed the export, and it is now back to working as usual.

Add new shift and show only filtered Working areas

If you filter for a specific working area in the calendar, and you create a new shift, it now automatically chooses this working area for the new shift. If more than one working area is selected, it will choose the working area that is first in the alphabet.

Absences from colleagues in some calendar views

For some users there was an issue where employees couldn't see absences from all colleagues in certain calendar views. This has been resolved now.

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